Finding Your Creative Voice :: a Master Class

When: September 4th to 18th, 2018/ Yours to keep forever
Where: Online, Self Paced
Cost: $197

Finding your Creative Voice is perhaps the most valuable gift you can give yourself!


Join artists, teachers & collaborators Faith Evans-Sills and Mati Rose McDonough in this Master Class as they deeply explore a topic that can feel overwhelming to many new artists: how to find and develop your personal creative voice in your art! Through video discussions and written lessons they'll break down this complex subject into digestible workshops that will help you understand & clarify your personal vision.

Over the years we’ve seen many of our students struggle with who they are as artists. Many take our classes and learn lots of new techniques, but they struggle with editing what they have learned into a cohesive style that is only theirs! Your artistic voice is how you are recognized by others. Its the tone your collective body of work takes. As an artist there are few things more important than developing a personal voice that sets your work apart and gets you noticed. Finding your voice requires you to pull from deep inside of yourself to find what truly moves you, and then express that in what you create. In order for your work to have lasting meaningful value you must eventually develop your own artistic voice. In this class we'll shed light on the struggle artists go through to find their creative voice, with clear explanations & exercises, together we'll explore the why, the what and how of developing your personal voice in your work.

Finding and developing your artistic voice is a lifetime journey, its a continual process even for artists who have been working for a really long time, and it can feel especially overwhelming in this age of social media. This Master Class takes this complicated topic and breaks it down for you, simplifying the process to lead you further on your path towards creating work that shines full of your authentic voice. You'll come away with more confidence in your creative voice, and how to make it stronger!

Video Discussion and written Lessons include:

  • Welcome & How This Works

  • Where this Began :: Manifesto On Giving Credit

  • "Finding Your Creative Voice" :: Discussion Video with Faith & Mati

  • The How & Why of Finding Your Artistic Voice

  • Taking Risks

  • Inspiration :: What Sparks You?

  • "Manifestos & Mindfulness": Video Chat with Mati & Faith

  • Unplug from your Library of Visual Inspiration

  • Guest Article :: The 4 Phases of Developing Your Creative Voice

  • "Asking THE Questions": Video Chat with Mati & Faith

  • Practical Application & Helpful Exercises

  • Continue Learning :: Downloadable PDF

  • Resources & Bibliography