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Exploration, Self Discovery & Finding Your Voice Through Painting

Painting the Sacred Within is an immersive painting journey for the Beginning & Intermediate Painter, taught by professional artists, friends and frequent collaborators Faith Evans-Sills and Mati Rose McDonough. In designing the Painting the Sacred Within experience we took a long look at our own ways of developing successful paintings, breaking down our personal processes into strong painting themes that we have come back to again and again over 20 years of painting each! Faith & Mati developed these lessons into an Online Painting Workshop that contains over a years worth of painting content…..video painting lessons and inspiration, designed to transform your painting practice, to show you how to develop, sustain and complete paintings while developing your own voice in your work.

Painting The sacred within is a complete painting immersion, with lessons to transform your painting practice and keep you painting for a whole year!

  • INSTANT & FOREVER: This opportunity allows you Instant & FOREVER access to the complete library of Painting The Sacred Within Content below, all 12 Episodes will be yours to keep for life and enjoy again and again, at your own pace! This is your ticket to immediate access into all of the Painting the Sacred Within content ever created, the perfect read along companion to our book. You’ll get hours of start to finish painting demo videos, Faith & Mati's studio chat series, endless inspiration that we've gathered for you to get you unstuck and start painting, a discussion and list of our favorite supplies, all of our tips & tricks in the studio, a complete painting immersion: lessons to keep you painting for a whole year.

    You get forever access to all of these classes


What’s my Investment?

Painting the Sacred Within is a course built to help any artist, creative dreamer, or simply someone looking to go more deeply inside their creativity and create some beautiful art! We want this course to be accessible to everyone who is pursuing their artistic dreams, no matter what stage you’re in as a painter we know that we can all use some support! This class contains hours of video & inspirational content, with a total value of over $500, BUT….your investment is:


How It Works:

Our Painting the Sacred Within Online Class contains 12 Episodes. Each Episode focuses on one topic that we’ll dive into deeply through fresh start to finish painting demos, inspirational content and peeks into our studios. The Episodes are each centered around a unique theme that follow the chapter themes in our book Painting the Sacred Within! So these classes will work well as a supplement to our book, fleshing out the themes & techniques that we offer there, throughout the classes and in our videos we want you to feel like you're at one of our retreats & workshops, painting right along with us!

Here’s what’s included:

  • INSTANT & FOREVER: This opportunity allows you Instant & FOREVER access to all of the above classes, that’s the complete library of Painting The Sacred Within Content, all 12 Episodes will be yours to keep for life and enjoy again and again, at your own pace! Your investment gets you hours of start to finish painting demo videos, studio chats, inspiration, favorite supplies, all of our tips & tricks in the studio, lessons to keep you painting for a whole year.

  • In each of the 12 Episodes you'll find a series of at least 4 long start to finish painting video lessons, two from BOTH Mati & Faith. In these lessons you'll watch us creating our paintings from beginning to end, and will experience either a narrated voice over or guided words on the video to lead you through the lesson as we paint. We've created these videos to make you feel like you're at one of our in person workshops, painting along right with us!

  • Along with the 12 Main Painting Units, you’ll also gain immediate access to 5 Bonus video units on: Color Treasure Hunting, Nature Mandalas as creative fuel, Interviews with Artists from around the world, Inspiration Prompts and Self Care Practices to keep your creativity flowing.

  • You’ll receive access to our Private Facebook Group: a community of worldwide artists, receive support, fellowship and guidance from the group as you get to know our worldwide community of Painting The Sacred Within Artists.

Sounds amazing!


Get Started Fast

  • Upon enrolling, get instant access to the entire course content -- we know how fun it is to binge our favorite shows, you can treat this course just the same. Its all at your own pace. Pour a cup of tea, or a glass of wine….watch it with your family or allow these videos to become part of your sacred studio time.

  • Join the Community

  • As you start creating paintings and growing your body of work you can pop into our private community of past and current students, to share your work, ask questions, talk about supplies and make connections with other artists … and yes, Faith and Mati will be there to!

  • Enjoy the Results!

  • Fast forward months, and you will be able to show off your new skills with a gorgeous body of work that expresses who you truly are! That’s really the best feeling in the world!

Watch our Video for a Sneak Preview!

Here’s a peek at all the rich content & themes that we cover in the 12 Units in the Painting The Sacred Within Online Class...

What our alumni have to say…

"Thank you to Faith, Mati and all the group members for such an inspirational year! It's been such a brilliant course and I'm very happy & grateful for the work that I've created alongside you all. I too have sold paintings - six of them which is fab'!" ~Louise Elizabeth

"I'm beyond grateful for the generosity of what you have shared with us here. I pulled all the work out of my studio and around the house and counted it up, and I made 66 paintings this year (in our year long e-course). I sold 7 of them and did two commissions. This WOULD NOT have happened without feeling so held within my process of growth within this group. My deepest thanks Faith and Mati and to all my fellow painters." ~Susan Nethercote

"This class really has been life changing for me. It truly has been a year of self discovery and I'm so grateful. It really came at the perfect time and helped me realize that I really do love to paint and I love painting abstractly which I had never done before. Being a year long course really helped me to stay inspired and motivated and I loved seeing what the other students were creating. It was great having different lessons each month and seeing your videos - those always gave me a boost too. Thank you both so much!" ~Janelle Gurchinoff

"Mati and Faith are beautiful, vibrant, fierce female goddesses. They have inspired my painting practice and my life tremendously. I have done a few e-courses and they are fantastic because you get to meet artists from all over the world and you build this little community of support for each other. I developed the courage to share my art in this space privately and that helped me to feel confident to share it on a public platform like Instagram, which for me was hard because I've been social media-resistant for years because I am passionate about boundaries. ;) Anyway, I am learning to live with boundaries AND share my art and soul. Mati and Faith have similar aesthetics but have a very distinct personal style. They encourage you to also develop your own vocabulary of mark-making and your voice. I really felt seen, valued, and encouraged here and I would recommend this class for any human being. Art-making is therapeutic and magical and fun and I love seeing everyone's particular style. With love and gratitude! Thank you Mati and Faith for your presence and love. <3" ~Laura Marsolais

Read the FAQ:

  • Q: How Do I Access the lessons?

    A: To access all of the Painting The Sacred Within Episodes, simply log into Ruzuku, the host of our online classes. Upon purchase you will create your own personal password accessed account with Ruzuku, where you can privately access your own learning library to go at your own pace whenever you like.

  • Q: Right now is a busy time for me, I’m worried I won’t have time! Do I need to follow week by week or can I go at my own pace? 

    A: Hey friend, don’t worry! This whole course is entirely go-at-your-own-pace! Why? Because we want you to take your time, to implement as you learn, to watch and re-watch as many times as you need! You can take 30 days or twelve months! Everyone’s journey through Painting the Sacred Within will look a little different and that’s the beauty of the painting process!

  • Q: My time is limited, how much time will I need to set aside each week for the contenT?

    A: Since this is a go-at-your-own pace course, it will differ for everyone. To get the full value of the course and grow your work we want you to be painting, so the recommended amount of time to spend on the course per week is about two hours! We recommend that you watch a video lesson once or twice, and while you watch paint right along with us! We love that you can pause during busy times, watch the episodes on the go where ever you are, complete the video lessons with family (many of our students do them with their kids!), and revisit any lesson that you need more time with!

  • Q: How long will i have access to the course? Will the course expire?

A: This course is a lifetime course. All Painting The Sacred Within content can be accessed for life, simply log into your personal account on Ruzuku, the host of our online classes, to view them.

  • Q: What’s the difference between the content in your book and the content in the Painting the Sacred within online class?

A: We created the Painting the Sacred Within online class before we ever knew we were going to create our book. The classes were first a year long online class, where we focused each month on a different theme about painting. Those themes became the individual Painting the Sacred Within Episodes. Our Year Long Online Class was beloved by so many of our students that word got out, and we were approached by a publisher to turn the class into a book. So, the Painting the Sacred Within monthly themes become the chapter subjects in our book. However, outside of the themes, the content of the book and the content of the online classes are completely different. They do complement each other very well, so reading the book along with taking the online classes will deeply enrich the experience of both.


Sending you so much Inspiration for the Journey!