Painting The Sacred Within


A months worth of video painting lessons and inspiration delivered to you at the beginning of every month!

The Painting the Sacred Within Episodes: 

Every month, we’ll share a series of fresh videos, inspirational content, start to finish painting demos and peeks into our studios. These monthly episodes will all be centered around a monthly theme that will closely follow the chapter themes in our new book Painting The Sacred Within! This class will work well as a supplement to our book, fleshing out the themes & techniques that we offer there, in our videos we want you to feel like you're painting right along with us!

How It Works

There are THREE options to enjoy the Painting The Sacred Within Episodes:

1. Membership:

  • Become a Member for $18 a month, and enjoy all the Painting The Sacred Within Episodes. This membership opportunity allows you exclusive access to all of our content as they are released - starting with Episode 1 on June 1, 2017 and continuing on the first day of every month through May 2018. Enjoy all of the released content as long as your membership is active. You'll receive 52 weeks of painting lessons, bonus episodes, access to our private Facebook group. Learn More.

2. Individual Lessons:

  • Purchase A la Carte Painting The Sacred Within Episodes as they are released for $25, and keep them for life.

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3. BUY the whole shebang!:

  • Receive Instant & FOREVER access to all the Painting The Sacred Within Content, yours to keep for life and enjoy again and again, at your own pace! When you choose this option you will receive instant access to the whole year's worth of Episodes, even before they are made available to the public! This is your ticket to immediate access into all of the Painting the Sacred Within content ever created, the perfect read along companion to our book. Hours of start to finish painting demo videos, studio chats, inspiration, all of our tips & tricks in the studio, lessons to keep you painting for a year, all for $349.

Joining Our Sacred Within Membership includes:

  • On the first day of each month, a fresh new Painting The Sacred Within Episode will be posted to our online classroom. This will continue each month for a year. Beginning June 1, 2017 continuing through May 1, 2018. You will continue to have access to the lesson for 6 months from the end date of the class.
  • At least 2 long start to finish painting videos each month from BOTH Mati & Faith
  • Bonus video lessons and units on Color Treasure Hunting & Nature Mandalas, Artist Interviews and Inspiration Prompts.
  • Along with your Monthly Membership you'll receive access to our Private Facebook Group: a community of worldwide artists, receive support, fellowship and guidance from the group as you get to know Painting The Sacred Within Artists all over the world.
  • A FREE Bonus Episode: "Getting to Know Faith & Mati: Our Favorite Supplies, Studio Visits and Q&A Chats." Yours free with the purchase of every Painting The Sacred Within Episode and Monthly Membership.

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Watch the Video for a Sneak Preview!

We've created this video to give you a peek at all the rich content & themes coming each month in the Painting The Sacred Within Episodes...


What Our Students are Saying

"Thank you to Faith, Mati and all the group members for such an inspirational year! It's been such a brilliant course and I'm very happy & grateful for the work that I've created alongside you all. I too have sold paintings - six of them which is fab'!" ~Louise Elizabeth
"I'm beyond grateful for the generosity of what you have shared with us here.  I pulled all the work out of my studio and around the house and counted it up, and I made 66 paintings this year (in our year long e-course).  I sold 7 of them and did two commissions.  This WOULD NOT have happened without feeling so held within my process of growth within this group.  My deepest thanks Faith and Mati and to all my fellow painters." ~Susan Nethercote
"This class really has been life changing for me. It truly has been a year of self discovery and I'm so grateful. It really came at the perfect time and helped me realize that I really do love to paint and I love painting abstractly which I had never done before. Being a year long course really helped me to stay inspired and motivated and I loved seeing what the other students were creating. It was great having different lessons each month and seeing your videos - those always gave me a boost too. Thank you both so much!" ~Janelle Gurchinoff


  • How Do I Access the lessons?

To access all of the Painting The Sacred Within Episodes, simply log into Ruzuku, the host of our online classes. Upon purchase you will create your own personal account with Ruzuku where you can privately access your own learning library to go at your own pace whenever you like.

  • How Long is my membership Active?

As a member, you will have access to all of the Painting The Sacred Within Episodes as they are released, as long as your monthly membership is active. If you are a member for the whole year than you will have an additional 6 months from the end of class (at the end of May 2018) to enjoy all of the content in your membership.

  • Will the lessons be available after I cancel my membership?

When you cancel your membership, you will lose access to the Painting The Sacred Within Episodes, like with any other subscription based service.

  • How long will the A la Carte lessons be available?

If you purchase individual Painting The Sacred Within Episodes, you can keep the lessons for life.

  • What’s the difference between the Membership and the Individual lessons?

The Membership includes access to a year’s worth of lessons, 18 month access to all the content, journeying through the lessons with a class of other painters, exclusive membership bonuses, inside scoops and forever access to the private Facebook community. While the Individual lessons are focused lessons on the topic of the month and they are your's to keep with forever access.